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Join us for a unique experience with a trip-cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos. Starting in the morning from the port of Sivota you will visit Lakka, a natural harbour in the north of Paxos Island. Making the tour of the island, you will discover the ultimate architecture of nature! Natural caves and steep cliffs blend harmoniously with the small coasts and blue sea.

Cruise around the islands of Sivota

Explore the incomparable beauty of the area around Sivota, where the 3 exotic islands are waiting for you! Our office organizes one-hour daily cruises with the scenic wooden boat and gives visitors the opportunity to experience memorable moments and enjoy swimming in the crystal and turquoise waters at the beaches "Pisina" and "Diapori".


Parga is a picturesque resort situated between the Littoral Igoumenitsa - Preveza unique combination of mountain and sea. One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places in northwestern Greece, beautiful Parga causes you to experience up close its long history, its diverse natural beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants.


Near the sea was Acherousia lake and the Oracle of Acheron, where Odysseus descended to Hades to meet their dead relatives and friends.

Recent archaeological surveys confirm the view that Homer was on the topography of the region when he described the "Odyssey" the scene of the hero's descent to the underworld.


The founder and first possessor of the Monastery was Saint Nilos Erihiotis (1228-1334), who came from Constantinople and was a descendant of the imperial generation of Laskaris. He became a monk at a very young age at the famous Monastery of Akimiton, where he changed his name from Nikolaos to Nilos.

Museum of Igoumenitsa

Thesprotia, the most mountainous and isolated provinces in the northwest corner of Greece has had a number of archaeological monuments and artifacts from the Paleolithic to the Byzantine era. The excavations in recent decades have brought to light new facts and findings, which together with the previously formed material to create the report of the new Archaeological Museum.

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